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Download MAME 0.242 FULL ROMSET

Free Download MAME 0.242 FULL ROMSET

Welcome on board to pc games free download you can get here MAME 0.242 FULL ROMSET. Enjoy and leave a comment below if you want to.

mame exe software

M.A.M.E All Room Games

Genre: Arcade
Developer: Nicola Salmoria and the MAME Team
Size: 72 GB


MAME 0.242 (originally an acronym of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is a free and open-source emulator designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in software on modern personal computers and other platforms. The intention is to preserve gaming history by preventing vintage games from being lost or forgotten. The aim of MAME is to be a reference to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines; the ability to actually play the games is considered “a nice side effect”. Joystiq has listed MAME as an application that every Windows and Mac gamer should have.

The first public MAME release was by Nicola Salmoria on February 5, 1997. The emulator now supports over 7,000 unique games and 10,000 actual ROM image sets, though not all of the supported games are playable. MESS, an emulator for many video game consoles and computer systems, based on the MAME core, was integrated upstream into MAME in 2015..

Top 100 MAME Games you must play

  • 1972 – Pong
  • 1974 – Tank
  • 1976 – BiPlane
  • 1976 – Death Race
  • 1978 – Sea Wolf
  • 1978 – Space Invaders
  • 1979 – Asteroids
  • 1979 – Galaxian
  • 1979 – Lunar Lander
  • 1980 – Asteroids Deluxe
  • 1980 – Battlezone
  • 1980 – Berzerk
  • 1980 – Centipede
  • 1980 – Defender
  • 1980 – Eagle
  • 1980 – Missle Command
  • 1980 – Pac-Man
  • 1980 – Phoenix
  • 1980 – Rally X
  • 1980 – Star Castle
  • 1980 – Tempest
  • 1980 – Warlords
  • 1980 – Wizard of War
  • 1981 – Donkey Kong
  • 1981 – Frogger
  • 1981 – Galaga
  • 1981 – Gorf
  • 1981 – Mousetrap
  • 1981 – Ms. Pac-Man
  • 1981 – Qix
  • 1981 – Stargate
  • 1981 – Vanguard
  • 1982 – Black Widow
  • 1982 – Burgertime
  • 1982 – Dig Dug
  • 1982 – Donkey Kong Jr.
  • 1982 – Jungle King
  • 1982 – Joust
  • 1982 – Moon Patrol
  • 1982 – Pengo
  • 1982 – Pole Position
  • 1982 – Q*bert
  • 1982 – Robotron 2084
  • 1982 – Space Duel
  • 1982 – Time Pilot
  • 1982 – Tron
  • 1982 – Xevious
  • 1982 – Zaxxon
  • 1983 – Dragon’s Lair
  • 1983 – Elevator Action
  • 1983 – Gyruss
  • 1983 – Major Havoc
  • 1983 – Spy Hunter
  • 1983 – Star Wars
  • 1983 – Tapper
  • 1983 – Track and Field
  • 1984 – Punchout
  • 1985 – Choplifter
  • 1985 – Gauntlet
  • 1985 – Ghosts ‘n Goblins
  • 1985 – Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom
  • 1986 – Arkanoid
  • 1986 – Outrun
  • 1986 – Rampage
  • 1987 – 1943 The Battle of Midway
  • 1987 – Double Dragon
  • 1987 – Rastan
  • 1987 – Road Blasters
  • 1987 – Street Fighter
  • 1988 – Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
  • 1988 – Cyberball
  • 1988 – Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
  • 1988 – Tetris
  • 1989 – Golden Axe
  • 1990 – Golden Tee Golf
  • 1990 – Raiden
  • 1990 – Rampart
  • 1990 – Smash TV
  • 1991 – Captain America and the Avengers
  • 1991 – King of Monsters
  • 1991 – Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  • 1991 – X-Men
  • 1992 – Lethal Enforcers
  • 1992 – Mortal Kombat
  • 1993 – NBA Jam
  • 1994 – Daytona USA
  • 1995 – Area 51
  • 1995 – Soul Edge
  • 1996 – San Francisco Rush
  • 1997 – House of Dead
  • 1997 – NFL Blitz
  • 1998 – Gauntlet Legends
  • 1998 – House of Dead 2
  • 1998 – Time Crisis II
  • 1999 – Carnevil
  • 1999 – Ferrari F355 Challenge
  • 1999 – Hydro Thunder
  • 2000 – 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker
  • 2000 – Gauntlet Dark Legacy
  • 2001 – Ridge Racer V

Chech the Official MAME PAGE for help

PC Requirements

MAME is written in fairly generic C/C++, and has been ported to numerous platforms. Over time, as computer hardware has evolved, the MAME code has evolved as well to take advantage of the greater processing power and hardware capabilities offered.

The official MAME binaries are compiled and designed to run on a standard Windows-based system. The minimum requirements are:

Intel Core series CPU or equivalent, at least 2.0 GHz
32-bit OS (Vista SP1 or later on Windows, 10.9 or later on Mac)
DirectX 9.0c for Windows
A Direct3D, or OpenGL capable graphics card
Any DirectSound capable sound card/onboard audio



MAME 0.236


How to Install

1. Extract
2. Run the exe.
3. Set your rom directory within program options
4. Selec the Game, Play the game


This is the latest MAME ROMSET version 0.231 which was released on April 28, 2021. MAME Devs used to make the new version at the start of each month, probably this is just an exception. so i will try to collect the new updates each month. ot the Full set like on this releases, but the files required to upgrade to upcoming releases. Ex: Next version will post only ROMS from 0.231 to 0.232 also with the bios files.

The ROMS and Bios folders must placed on the same rom folders. You can move the zipped files intgo ./roms or tell the software where the roms folders is located.

I will keeping providing Gdrive and Mega links but Uploaded also. if you want to help the site to grow and keep bringing you the best releases you can buy a premium account on upload, using or links. (accessing from our uploaded links to the site and then purchasing the pre accunt)

Only if this post gets comments and download. i can bring you later the CHDS & extras.

MAME 0.242 FULL ROMSET IS SPLIT VERSION which means each game and versions are independed from each other. it means if you only need the original rom from Captain Command you can delete the other files without problem. I think its the best choice.

Download MAME 0.242 FULL ROMSET












If you buy a Rapidgator Premium Account through my link, you support this site 馃檪


In this link you will find the MAME ROMS updates + Bios updates. you just have to replace this new files with the old ones. Example if you have the version 0.231 and theres already a version 0.234 you must download the file MAME – Update ROMs (v0.231 to v0.232) and replace the files, then download MAME – Update ROMs (v0.232 to v0.234) replace files and MAME – Update ROMs (v0.234 to v0.234).

MAME v0.231 to v0.232 MIRROR

MAME v0.232 to v0.233 MIRROR

MAME v0.233 to v0.234 MIRROR

MAME v0.234 to v0.235 MIRROR

MAME v0.235 to v0.236 MIRROR

MAME v0.236 to v0.237 MIRROR

MAME v0.237 to v0.238 MIRROR

MAME v0.238 to v0.239 MIRROR

MAME v0.239 to v0.240 MIRROR

MAME v0.240 to v0.241 MIRROR

MAME v0.241 to v0.242 MIRROR

If you Downloaded previous MAME 0.021 ROM SET you can get the update packs till version 0.230 to 0.231. Afte that you can update to 0.232 when is our with the above links


Sorry for being absent. i bring you the updates v0.240 to v0.241 & v0.241 to v0.242. TOMORROW WILL BE READY THE FULL VERSION V0.242 split version.




Mame BIOS UPDATES doesnt require previous version. just the last one

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  1. Carlos Kr贸is

    This MAME fullset is awesome! I had one with 15gb only!

    Thanks a lot!

    Do you know the size of the CHDs? I know that they are huge!!

  2. Carlos Kr贸is

    Hi, bro!! I was missing this site! =)
    Two points: 1) You didn’t put the (v0.222 to v0.223), is that a problem, or can we use only these two packs to uptade?
    2) The Bios link redirects to (v0.223 to v0.224).


    • admin

      1. Since the site was down for a bit i dont download that update but i could find it now and its added to the post.. if you already use the 0.0024 use the previous update and again the 0.224.

      if you apply 0.224 over mame roms, without using 0.223 wont ruin anything. but lets say you have pacman v.01 (example) on v.0222 . and theres and update on 0.223 called pacman v.02 you will miss that update cause probably on v.0224 wont be another pacman update. if there was an update called pacman v.03 you wont need previous update. but its impossible to have an update with all the same games always. i dont know if i could explain this xD.

      2. its fixed now

  3. Carlos Kr贸is

    Hey, bro.
    Do I need to unzip these “update files”, copy the files within them and past in the “Roms folder”?
    The Roms are zip files and the files within these “update files” have different extensions.. I got confused…
    Other point, is it possible to provide to us the screenshots for the games?
    thanks!! =)

    • admin

      bios and roms files are placed on roms folder. windows will ask you if you wanna replace the files and you click yes. thats all. i cant pos pic of all update. cause post will take much to load and thats not good.

      • yigablademaster

        Thre are no actual MAME roms in there. I couldn’t find a SINGLE game in it. I was hoping for Cruis n USA and none of the usual MAME names show up. Just a bunch of weird extensions and bin files.

  4. Carlos Kr贸is

    Hi, bro.
    I guess it didn’t work to replace the files… Windows didn’t ask to replace files, it just copied all files to roms folder… Anyway, if I download everything again, will it be the version 0,224?

  5. Carlos Kr贸is

    Yes! I know what happened!! I downloaded the files with JDownloader and it unzipped all the files within the main file!!! I’ll get them again!!

  6. Trevor

    So GOOD!! thanks for this, im getting chd missing errors when attempting to play certain games so i downloaded the individual chd files and put them in my roms folder but i still get the error, can you assist please?

      • Mr T

        Your the f’king liar. It says to pay 13 euros to download or some other higher price for more benefits. Learn to read and you’ll do better.

        • admin

          youre very ignorant. you doing something wrong. theres 4 mirrors to complete set 0.231 (71 gigabytes) Ddownload. Mega, Uptobox and Rapidgator. if youre wise. you can download upto 4 parts at same time. obviously each host has premium account but youre not forced to pay. free downloaders in ALL FILESHOSTERS have limits. MAYBE you’re clicking in an ad which i cannot control. like usenet or whatever. they are not real ignore ads. for example when you are on fliecrypt page. you can use click n load or dlc file to load it into jdownloader. “High-speed downloads” its an ad. and for example if you want to buy a filehost premium account. open a link example and from there, buy a premium account if you want.

  7. Hossain Md Farhan

    Hey, admin. I have a question to ask. Is mame-0-239-full-romset is the latest version? If it is how can I download it directly without downloading 0.231. Because after downloading I would going to need .231-.232 .232-.233 etc. You can reupload mame-0-239-full-romset in the first place. I am happy about finding your post. But needing to update from .231 to .239 is huge for me. Waiting for your reply.

    • admin

      i post updates cause its hard tio upload complete version month fter month. so every 10 updates i post a complete version.

      im gonna upload soon 0.240 complete version

  8. Purple Pillager

    When are you planning to upload the full MAME 0.240 romset (split)? I am looking to get the latest ROM set but don’t want to apply 10 upgrades to get there. Please let us know.

  9. Chez

    Hi, I stumbled upon this page and new to this sort of thing. Do I have to download every part of the rom set for them to unzip and work, because only a few have the green light to download. Cheers in advance

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